Monday, January 23, 2012

Time Line for 1862 War Between The States

Interesting facts:
March 1862 - McClellan fired. He ignored Lincoln's requests too many times. Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac  - first naval engagement between ironclad ships. Fought to a "draw"
April - Battle of Shiloh. Casualties heavy - what else is new? Union dead, 13,000; South, 11,000.
Also in April, Farragut commands New Orleans (ugh). The Peninsular Campaign begins.
May - Stonewall Jackson wins in the Shenandoah. Hooray!
June - Battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks) - Confederates almost win (optimum word here is almost)
July - Seven Days' Battle - Confederates withdraw July2, ending Peninsular Campaign.
August - Pope defeated at Second Manassas. Hooray!
Will talk about Sept - Dec in next blog. 

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