Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What You May Or May Not Know About Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was born January 19, 1807 -  204 years ago tomorrow, Wed. Jan 19, 2011

He was the fifth child born to Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee and Ann Hill (Carter) Lee

Graduated second in his class - the only cadet that graduated with no demerits to his name

Married Mary Randolph Custis (great-granddaughter of Martha Washington) - I bet you knew that!!!

The father of seven children - all three of his sons served in the Confederate Army

In U.S. Army as cadet and officer for a total of 35 years

Offered command of Union forces by Winfield Scott when the South seceded from the Union -you knew that, right?

Refused that offer and served in the military forces of Virginia after Virginia seceded - yes, you knew that!

Appointed Commander of the Regular Army of the Confederate States - knew that too, didn't you?

Brilliant military leader during the War Between the States - knew that!

Served as Washington College after the war - later named Washington and Lee University, thus honoring both favorite sons of Virginia, George Washington and Robert E. Lee - probably knew that!

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