Monday, January 25, 2016

News from First White House of Confederacy

Hello Bloggers,
Our big news is that we have a new Regent for the First White House of the Confederacy here in Montgomery Alabama, across from the Alabama State Capitol. Her name is Seibels Marshall.

 Seibels was installed as the seventh Regent of the White House Association of Alabama on October 28, 2015, at our annual fall meeting,  and she and her new Board are doing a splendid job for us.

Last week we celebrated our annual Robert E. Lee Birthday party at the First White House. Commander Bill Rambo, Director of the Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury AL was our guest speaker. He told us in detail about the different horses owned by Robert E. Lee.

Being an avid horseman himself, Mr. Rambo was able to share what color the horses were, sorrel, roam, etc. and it was a unique presentation. Of course we all remember Traveler, but not so much the other horses Lee acquired during the war and before. Thanks to him for sharing with us.

Birthday cake was served and everyone had an enjoyable time. We appreciate so much the media coverage we received on channel 12 and channel 8 news.

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